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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy International Funk Day

ok ok ok. I know I should be studying, and infact, I am - right now I'm sitting in front of my gradually expanding culture section - the final section of my thesis (not including intro and conclusion). But I'm giving myself a li'l study break to bring to your attention that today is

International Funk Day!!!!

Or atleast, it should be, if someone had written the article. As I am at present in the middle of thesising, I am unnable to oblige, but I call upon some funkily creative and talented so-and-so (possibly TimT or mayhap one of the Brothers Sterne may be interested?) to complete the entry in my stead. [Thanks to Tim and Tim for rising to the challenge - I have linked the above accordingly]

To celebrate International Funk Day I've added some new links: you can check out and chuckle at the Uncyclopedia, Homestar Runner (Strong Bad emails are especially good, but if you haven't already heard of Homestar, check out the whole site) or Perry Bible Fellowship (my goodness some of these are SO wrong!).

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Prescriptive Linguist

A friend sent me a link to this, and being the linguistic humour scholar that I am, seeking out humour in all it's forms, I thought I'd share it with you all.

It addresses the struggle many linguists have between prescriptivism and descriptivism. No matter how much I claim to be a descriptive linguist, I still cringe when something is 'brought from the shop', while something else is 'bought along to a party'.

For all intensive purposes, this post is just an unequivocable excuse to make one after so long, irregardless of my thinly veiled attempt to make it supposably more humorously meaningful.