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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yakety Sax

Thanx Gnome for posing the question 'Why?'.

That is, 'Why can you play Yakety Sax* to any footage and almost instantaneously create humour?'.

Why indeed?

*Apologies for the lameness of linking to Wiki - far overused (yet highly addictive, and oft useful)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think all televangelists should utilise Benny Hinn! As below:

12:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, a second, more disturbing one:

This has some great footage of Jurassic Park with Yakety Sax, which improves it by a mile, IMO, but slowly adds more disturbing footage of crashes, fatalities and 9/11. What I found interesting, the first time I watched it with two other people, was that we laughed up until the footage of a burning balloon came on. That looked so obviously shocking and fatal that it was enough to stop us, but before that we had laughed at a serious plane crash and car crashes.
Not intentionally laughing at their pain, just because we had started chuckling and just expected to be presented with more harmless amusing stuff.
Still tragedy and panic can be funny, in a weird and unsettling way.
Nomes. (That was me before, natch)

1:12 pm  
Anonymous Hooch said...

Natch. (I suspected as much)

Thanks for the links. glad you got on here to have a squiz. looks like my fan base (what fan base?!?!) has dropped off a bit in my post thesis slackness.

1:10 pm  
Blogger TimT said...

It's true, you know. Just switch on the telly to the Sky Stock Market report, turn the volume down, and switch on the Yakkety Sax music in the background. Instant jocularity.

1:58 pm  
Blogger jeut said...

i think that footage came from ... im a bit of a forums lurker there, and there was a thread a while back about "anything is funny to yakety sax", and yes, the 9/11 footage sealed the deal. hilarious. :)

ps: apologies for disappointing, ive been overseas unexpectedly. (this happens frequently and why there are often big pauses in my blog) I'm back now, though, and have some exciting news... once ive sifted through my email inbox, that is.

pps: damn vic weather gave me a cold. i had a brief stopover there on my way back. had a night on the town, caught a cold, and damn near killed me. haha

10:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yakety sax doesnt make everything funny. people who make these dumb bullcrap videos of 9/11 deserve to burn in hell. period. they dont understand suffering so to them, its as lighthearted as a football game. only new yorkers can understand what went on that day and only they should be allowed to govern what 9/11 footage is broadcast and the manner in which it is presented. I lost two of my best friends that day and when I see these videos, I feel like I want to pull a gun on the people who made it. Seriously. If anyone who thinks this crap is funny is reading this, then listen up: you're gona piss off someone less moderate than I with your bull**** vids. It wont be me, but I do hope you cross paths with the wrong person and he teaches you the difference between tragedy and comedy.

2:38 am  
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