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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The end...?

Well, the reason I started this blog was to help me start writing my thesis. I have found, since thesis writing has drawn to a close, so has my urge to blog. I think this means: here endeth the Humour Archive. Thanks to those of you who have bothered to read it, especially to those who have contributed to discussion of various topics in the comments.

I s'pose I'll finish off this farewell my letting you know how I went this honours and where I'm headed to next. My thesis, after some contention between the two examiners, was given 76. This, averaged with my course work marks just boosted me over the line into H1 with a final score of 81. Hoorah!

Now I'm headed off into the big bad 'real world' of linguistic research. I will possibly be found in rural Australia studying and documenting Aboriginal Languages. Or I could end up living in Indonesia for a while...

I will leave this site up, at least for a while, so if anyone is interested in future humour(/other) discussions, or keeping in touch, or what I am up to, please comment below.

In the words of my good friend AJ:

Ciao for Niao.


Blogger Daniel said...

Working as a linguist outside of academia? How novel! With an H1 I expect you could do a linguistics doctorate if you wanted. But maybe you prefer getting your hands dirty in the field.

In any case thanks for providing (yet another) internet distraction which was funny rather a lot of the time.

2:29 pm  
Blogger AJ said...

Now you just have to write a non-humour blog.... but it wouldn't be the same.

Well done, Hooch.

8:59 pm  
Anonymous Hooch said...

Thanks dudes. As you can see, I couldn't help oxymoroning my self with another post post my 'The end...?' post. (psst, AJ: the children the parents had had had had had no breakfast!)

Daniel: I am hoping to do a PhD (pronounced as an acronym, and not as an initialism), but am gonna get my hands dirty first. A lil bit o' live hexperience...

Thanks for icipating, at least in part. xxx

1:15 pm  
Blogger TimT said...

Oh, come now. There isn't life beyond the internet. I've been there. It's all grey, grey, grey to the flat horizon, and then it's a void of nothingness. Come back to the internet, Hooch! We need you! Cooooooooooooooome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

*Shouts into a cavern full of echoes*


*Weeps quietly*

1:56 pm  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Congratulations on your H1 Eugenie!!!
Keep me updated on what linguistic-y adventures you have out in the wide, wide world... I am going on to a PhD this year.
I would LOVE to read a copy of your thesis if you wouldn't mind emailing it to me, and I can put it on the Compilation CD and give you a copy if you like...
Hope to hear from you soon!
Huge congratulations again on your excellent results! ^_^

11:54 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:50 pm  
Anonymous michael said...

Sorry im a little thick, whats is linguistic research?

4:34 am  

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