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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy International Funk Day

ok ok ok. I know I should be studying, and infact, I am - right now I'm sitting in front of my gradually expanding culture section - the final section of my thesis (not including intro and conclusion). But I'm giving myself a li'l study break to bring to your attention that today is

International Funk Day!!!!

Or atleast, it should be, if someone had written the article. As I am at present in the middle of thesising, I am unnable to oblige, but I call upon some funkily creative and talented so-and-so (possibly TimT or mayhap one of the Brothers Sterne may be interested?) to complete the entry in my stead. [Thanks to Tim and Tim for rising to the challenge - I have linked the above accordingly]

To celebrate International Funk Day I've added some new links: you can check out and chuckle at the Uncyclopedia, Homestar Runner (Strong Bad emails are especially good, but if you haven't already heard of Homestar, check out the whole site) or Perry Bible Fellowship (my goodness some of these are SO wrong!).


Blogger TimT said...

Ha ha, sounds like a great idea. I've been at work all day (still am, in fact - not very funky!) but I'll get around to posting something on my blog tonight. In the interests of fairness, and stuff - I figure may be able to merge it with Tim/Jon's contribution at a later date.

That is, unless you REALLY wanted to see me and the Sternes go head to head in bloody FIGHT TO THE DEATH, which could be interesting as well.

8:55 pm  
Anonymous Hooch said...

yes that would be an [sic] hella awesome sight to behold.


Do you think you'd be able to rustle up something for uncyclopedia? And actual article would be so cool. But it's totally hypocritical of me to ask, since I'm not offering any time or effort on my part.

11:29 pm  
Blogger TimT said...


Tim's (other Tim, not this Tim) entry was number 1. Mine's the 'brief history' with various items of funk terminology in it.

11:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'twas whispered in Heaven, 'twas muttered in hell,
and echo caught faintly the sound as it fell;
on the confines of earth 'twas permitted to rest,
and in the depths of the ocean its presence confes'd;

'twill be found in the sphere when 'tis riven asunder,
be seen in the lightning and heard in the thunder;
'twas allotted to man with his earliest breath,
attends him at birth and awaits him at death,

presides o'er his happiness, honor and health,
is the prop of his house, and the end of his wealth.
in the heaps of the miser 'tis hoarded with care,
but is sure to be lost on his prodigal heir;

it begins every hope, every wish it must bound,
with the husbandman toils, and with monarchs is crowned;
without it the soldier and seaman may roam,
but woe to the wretch who expels it from home!

in the whispers of conscience its voice will be found,
nor e'er in the whirlwind of passion be drowned;
'twill soften the heart; but though deaf be the ear,
It will make him acutely and instantly hear.

set in shade, let it rest like a delicate flower;
ah! breathe on it softly, it dies in an hour.

1:51 am  
Anonymous Hooch said...

It is truly an International Funk day (Week?) to be celebrated! Thanks guys, you both rock and are tremendously funkadelic.

3:03 am  
Anonymous Hooch said...

oh no! the Funk day entry has been deemed 'ugly'. Quick, someone fix it before it becomes 'a candidate for deletion'!

2:21 pm  
Blogger TimT said...

That ugly tag was up there this morning, so I added a link to mine and divided the whole thing up in sections, wikipedia style. Their style of code is c.o.n.f.u.s.i.n.g, but hopefully those changes should be good enough. I'm not sure what else to do!

3:30 pm  
Anonymous Hooch said...

you are truly funkaliscious Timbo. I've got a couple other ppl on it as well...(well, only one actuall, and he's having difficulties erasing the ugliness from his own article) hopefully our combines effort will pay off.

3:07 pm  
Blogger Adam said...

oh your god! Those perry bible fellowship comics, wonderfuly wrong! I love it.

4:05 pm  

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