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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The incongruitiy of the universality of humour

Humour is universal - exists in all cultures.

Humour is not universal - people from different cultures will laugh at different things; we do not all find the same things funny.


Blogger Daniel said...

At the risk (once more) of taking a tangent, this puts me in mind of a conversation I had recently in which someone was asserting that jokes only target minority groups.

We can definately think of lots of examples of this but I was sure that there must be some cases of humour targetting the majority. The only thing I could think of at the time was the way in which the British can make fun of how reserved and uptight they can be as a whole nationality.

Issues of majority versus minority puts me in mind of power relations and to try and link this to religion I ask this: Will a religion be more or less likely to frown upon humour if that religion is well established? Is humour more useful to the powerful or to those lacking power?

12:28 am  
Blogger Hooch said...

Daniel, you are awesome to comment. v. thought provoking.

9:21 pm  

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